Concept art for Mary Poppins



How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

I expected this to be a troll video about sacrificing your soul in exchange for art skills or something but this was actually very informative.




The time he was found worthy

It did not matter. Loki hauls his unconscious brother onto his back and to safety. Picking up The Hammer was an afterthought. 

I’ve been staring at this all morning, and I just have to express how in love with it I am. Beautiful execution. <3


Pocahontas Concept Art


So I found a thing…


Amazing merman sculpture by artist Cameron Stalheim (photos are from his site and belong to him, not me).  Media is Plastic, Foam, Steel, & Acrylic.  If the merman looks familiar to you, it’s because the artist created the mold from the gorgeous gay porn star/artist Colby Keller.  Freakin’ gorgeous!!

I want one in my living room, stat.

The Rowe brothers & their mobile gaming